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 Audition Filmed In Our Studio

We are currently accepting Auditions via wetransfer, dropbox or if possible

email to our email address  auditions@ffpandd.com you must Include your name, age, city & state along with a contact phone number and best times to call

Warning! This Clip Has R Rated Words!

 Audition Filmed In Our Studio

Filmed & Studio Live USA

All auditions sent in will become property of Florida, Film Photography & Design. Auditions will not be used or shared in any way until a release from is signed by the talent & or persons within the video! We will however be choosing performances which we will review with a panel  to see which ones we can take to the next level.  The next level,  we are planing to put together a local talent show highlighting the acts or performances  that we feel should be seen by more of the world. How we can do this is to provide a place to film, capture and draw the best from the talent and get it out. We are still in the planing stages for the project as the auditions start coming in.

We are looking for Talent! Either an instrument you play. music you sing, a ball you can control with quick movement on none at all, comic's, magician's, unusual things you can do, can you read back words and forewords equally as well? Do you have a photographic memory? Are you good with numbers? Can you spell? basically anything you can do extremely well over the average person, we would like to see it. NOTE: BE SAFE WE DO NOT WANT ANYBODY GETTING HURT MAKING A VIDEO TO SEND INTO THE AUDITION FOR REVIEW. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS YOU CAN EMAIL THEM TO AUDITIONS@FFPANDD.COM

Note: Please keep auditions to 3 min or less!